Friday, 19 October 2007

Beautiful George

"So," I thought, what is it about George Michael fans? Why are the majority of us animal lovers? What is it that draws us all together and keeps us all so happy in GMF?
Surely it's mutual kindness, compassion, gentleness and love, just like our man.
The beautiful boy grew into a wonderful man.
Just look at the pictures.....enough said me ffinks!!!!


lesley said...

well im no george michael fan but on the positive side he seems an interesting man, intelligent and well read and quite obviously from these lovely photos he has an extra plus- he is an animal lover.CANT BE BAD! I may even get to like him and his music!

Tali said...

Thanks Lesley

catherine said...

enjoyed your blog, pictures and stories very good,

Valérie said...

c.c.c.come one

M. Cabrera said...

I love GM and I love dogs... beautiful post you wrote. Saddly he´s passed away and I'm still sad about it, but the love will stand forever.